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Welcome to Horizon Resources!

Our site will introduce our business along with our national and international affiliates and clients.

It will highlight important areas along with our services. We look forward to serving your need and growth in the future! We encourage you to visit our clients and affiliates as time permits.  Many of them are available by clicking through on special icons on their pages.


Horizon Resources Group , Inc.
Horizon Holdings Corporation

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Our 15th Year of Service!


Horizon Resources Group, Inc. is a national provider of professional services in the areas of consultation for small to medium size business, insurance, finance, business development and planning, telecommunications and transportation Founded in Atlanta, GA in 1991, Horizon Resources Group is joined by a group of professionals with impeccable credentials in the areas of insurance, comprehensive health welfare and retirement programs, professional employment organizations, resource and program development for small to medium businesses. Also providing venture capital sources for the growth of business and funding


In 2003, the company entered into the marketing of a national telecommunications service in all 50 states and Canada. This service provided State of the Art communications available from no other source.


Present clients are in Georgia, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Texas


International Affiliates are in Washington State, United Kingdom, Paris and Hong Kong. These include major airline and hotel chains as well as rental car services and a national U. S. railroad company. With media services available, professional recording services are now available.


In 2002-2003 contact offices and representatives were located in Atlanta, Albuquerque- Santa Fe, Charlotte, Chattanooga, El Paso, Huntington, Las Cruces, St. Petersburg-Tampa, Toccoa, and Wichita.   In 2004 Nashville and Manchester were added to service areas. Expansion in 2005 added Tucson and Jacksonville.  Baltimore office  opened in Fall, 2007. 


In each engagement, Horizon Resources enables and empowers individuals and businesses of all sizes and vocations to leverage the power of financial sources, business management and development resources and marketing through:


  • Venture capital solutions,


  • Creative entrepreneurial thinking,


  • Proven profit making development and management programs,


  • Sales development through national resources and guidance,


  • Development of customer service programs while monitoring results and production of ongoing training programs,


Structure of employee profit sharing plans, health and benefit plans, Section 125 and 401K programs, and employee savings plans.


 Our cost reduction and streamline operation plans which involve suppliers, employees, and management are an important result of analysis of client needs



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Horizon Resources Group , Inc.

Atlanta, Albuquerque, Baltimore, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chattanooga, El Paso, Huntington, Jacksonville, Las Cruces, Manchester, Nashville, Orlando, Palomos Mexico, St. Petersburg-Tampa, Toccoa, Tucson, Wichita

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